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Gay Browne, An Environmental Entrepreneur, Health Activist, Author and Founder /CEO of Greenopia, a green search engine which finds green solutions for every day living and qualifies them through a ratings process. Gay has a deep passion for health, working with environmental rock stars and is constantly traveling the planet in search of ways to connect us all to something better.

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Jaye Buchbinder

Jaye Buchbinder, is an ocean loving environmentalist and technology consultant for Media and Entertainment. Her degrees include a B.S. in Sustainable Design and Engineering and an M.S. in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford intersect with her strong commitment to the use of media to educate and inform the public on environmental issues.

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Andrew Freedman

Andrew Freedman, CEO/Founder, Substance Global, a digital marketing firm leading in entertainment and sports marketing. Clients include Netflix, Hulu, Fox, Universal, Sony, and Warner Bros. Andrew is one of the smartest minds in digital marketing and one of the nicest people in LA.

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David Booth Gardner

David Booth Gardner, CEO/Founder of Planet Experts, which publishes the works of vaunted environmental scientists; CEO/Founder of digital media studio Likuid Art which creates content for a digital art subscription platform as well as major music festivals. David is a 2 time Emmy Award Nominee who has produced and written and directed a variety of television shows, documentaries and web series.

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Mary C. Gentile

Mary C. Gentile, Ph.D., Creator/Director of Giving Voice to Values, Professor of Practice at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business, Senior Advisor at the Aspen Institute Business & Society Program.

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David Hannon

David Hannon, Founder of the Ocean Ark Alliance is an acclaimed multi-Emmy award-winning underwater filmmaker, explorer, artist, educator and conservationist. Over thousands of dives, David has amassed one of the world’s largest and most coveted tropical marine footage libraries, as well as an extensive archive of Antarctic subjects on HD.

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Nancy Knowlton

Nancy Knowlton, Ph.D., Sant Chair for Marine Science, Smithsonian’s Natural Museum of Natural History , founded the Center for Marine Biodiversity and Conservation at the Scripps Institute of Oceanography. She is a leader of the Census for Marine Life.  Her pioneering work has been recognized with numerous honors and awards.

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Hugh Lavery

Hugh Lavery, AM MSc PhD MEc FEIANZ, Chairman & Senior Executive Counsel of Australian Environment International Pty Ltd,, Adj. Prof. of Environmental Systems, Institute for Future Environments, Queensland University of  Technology


L. Hunter Lovins

L. Hunter Lovins is President of Natural Capitalism Solutions. NCS helps companies, communities and countries implement more regenerative practices profitably. 

A professor of sustainable business management at Bard College, Hunter was named a Master at the De Tao Academy in Shanghai. She sits on the convening committee of WE-All, and Capital Institute Advisory Board. A founding mentor of the Unreasonable Institute, she teaches entrepreneuring and coaches social enterprises around the world. She is a founder of Change Finance, an impact investing firm. A consultant to scores of industries and governments worldwide.Hunter has written 16 books and among her awards are: European Sustainability Pioneer award, and the Right Livelihood Award. Time Magazine recognized her as a Millennium Hero for the Planet, and Newsweek called her the Green Business Icon. 

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B. Greg Mitchell

B. Greg Mitchell, Ph.D., Research Biologist and Senior Lecturer at the University of California San Diego, Scripps Institution of Oceanography

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Holly Mosher

Holly Mosher is an award-winning filmmaker who brings socially conscious films to the public. Her directorial debut was award-winning documentary, Hummingbird, about Brazilian street kids. Among her other films are: Side Effects on the pharmaceutical industry, Money Talks: Profits Before Patient Safety, Maybe Baby, Vanishing of the Bees, and Bonsai People – The Vision of Muhammad Yunus, which aired on Public Television.

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Luka Powanga

Luka Powanga, Ph.D. Professor of Economic and Finance at Regis University and Executive Director. Malk Management Consulting Group, and Founder of Energy Africa Conference

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Jon Reiss

Jon Reiss, is a filmmaker, author and media strategist who wrote the book Think Outside the Box Office.  Through his company HybridCinema he has advised hundreds of filmmakers and film organizations throughout the world including IFP, Paramount Studios, Screen Australia, Film Independent, Creative Scotland. 

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James Spensley

James "Skip" Spensley, ESQ. Spensley & Associates, is an environmental lawyer, operations research engineer, public policy consultant and teacher working in the environmental and transportation fields for over forty years. He has specialized in environmental policy and assessment, regulatory compliance and strategic planning with a focus on sustainability issues. He is an adjunct professor and lecturer at the Daniels Business School at the University.

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Marcus Tamm

Marcus Tamm, A music industry exec, musician, writer, scouter, outdoor enthusiast. A big-city dweller with an equal passion for the unpaved wilderness, Marcus idealizes a planet that retains its natural charms and value is placed on stewardship of resources above extracting material gains and/or carelessly discarding our wastes. The noble legacy and exciting progress of cultures must simultaneously respect that we only temporarily have use of lands and seas...and must leave them to future generations in only better health than as handed to us. 

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Richard Todd

Richard Todd, Director/Co-Producer, Aquarius Productions, an award winning Western Australian company based in Margaret River, that produces provocative factual programming, specializing in character driven, social issues and conservation documentaries that have a positive impact on people, society and the environment. He recently completed the feature documentary Frackman as the cameraman, co-producer and director, which has won multiple awards and screened at over 200 cinemas throughout Australia.

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Aaron Weber

Aaron Weber, is the founder of Wander, an international creative company that produces thought-provoking and action-inciting films for corporations, associations, and nonprofit organizations. Fueled by the acclaim for his School of Visual Arts thesis film, Wander, Aaron opened a home base in Los Angeles from which he – and a thoughtfully curated team – support clients including OxFam, The American Museum of Natural History, and Apple with impactful visual storytelling. The company’s 2012 “Follow the Frog” campaign for Rainforest Alliance is an enduring, award-winning achievement.