Earth Protect TV is built on a revolutionary business model: each download of our content and media creates a donation to a nonprofit organization working every day to protect our environment. Beyond profit, EPTV has created a pathway for consumers to give directly to the organizations making a difference, while increasing their awareness of groups worldwide which are focused on solutions leading to a sustainable future.


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Grant Barbeito


CEO Earth Protect TV

Grant Barbeito brings experience as a director, producer and creative leader and is a founder of EPTV. He is the director/producer of TOUCH THE WALL, one of the most successful documentary films of 2016. His skills include assembling world-class teams to accomplish big goals. Grant has a deep passion for sustainability and finding solutions that protect the planet.

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Dr. Carol Barbeito

VP Earth Protect TV

Carol Barbeito, Ph.D., President, Managing Director, Earth Protect – Previously, Carol was President, CLB & Associates, an international management consulting and Founding President, Applied Research & Development International. Dr. Barbeito was a founding member of the Council for the Aspen Institute’s Nonprofit Sector Research Fund, supporting research on the nonprofit sector and philanthropy. She has 23 publications.

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Collon Kennedy


COO and Legal Earth Protect TV

Collon Kennedy was a senior manager, legal counsel and executive for several major natural resource and energy companies, directing day-to-day operations throughout the US and Canada. He manages business development, financial and legal matters for EPTV and brings decades of expertise in the growth of companies.

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Jon Hopp


Crowd Fundraising Expert and Creative

Jon Hopp, Visual Assets and Messaging, is a visual story teller with extensive background in commercial post production and award winning editor/owner at Jigsaw, Los Angeles CA . His passion for film making, photography and editing gets integrated with his love of sports and natural environments. As Jon gained a deeper understanding of climate change, he wanted to apply his skill sets to help promote a broader concern to the issues . Jon is currently creating the visual assets/messaging for Earth Protect TV.

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